Why Use a REALTOR®

All real estate licensees are not the same – only licensees who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® can call themselves “REALTORS®.”  To become a National Association of REALTORS® member, a real estate licensee must first become a member of both their Local and State Association of REALTORS®.  REALTORS® adhere to the National Association of REALTORS® strict Code of Ethics and are expected to maintain a high level of knowledge and expertise while representing clients who are in the process of buying and selling real estate. REALTORS® are committed to treating all parties to the transaction with honesty and integrity. REALTORS® provide invaluable service to their clients, including their expertise in market information, marketing strategies, staging, negotiation, financing, and closing services, and much-needed objectivity required when assisting clients.

REALTORS®, who represent you exclusively in a sale or purchase, owe their allegiance to only you.  In dual agency situations, the REALTOR® represents both parties in the transaction.  They must have informed written consent of all parties to the transaction and adhere to the rules as outlined in the Real Estate License Act of 2000.

All REALTORS®, whether they represent the buyer or seller, must disclose known facts to buyers that could impact a buyer’s decision to buy or pay a particular price for a property.

REALTORS® often risk it all.  Did you know that REALTORS®:

  • are not compensated unless they obtain results that are satisfactory to all parties?
  • are typically paid on a straight commission basis and have no guarantee of when or how much their next paycheck will be?
  • are not typically reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses and must continue to pay their business expenses while waiting for their next commission check?
  • are typically paid a percentage of the sale price, but not until after the transaction closes?
  • typically share their commission with the cooperating broker and their sponsoring brokerage?

Simply stated, REALTORS® provide one of the most results-oriented services available anywhere.  They love helping people, houses, solving problems, and facing challenges head-on.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or both, work with someone who invests their time, talent, and financial resources to ensure a satisfying and positive outcome that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Why use local REALTORS®?  Because over 90% of Oak Park Area Association of REALTORS® members live in the communities they serve.

Local REALTORS® know and follow local market conditions and are familiar with competing properties.  An Oak Park Area Association of REALTORS® member can best advise you on successfully advertising your property and are here to help you find your dream home.