Purchase Agreements

7.0 MASTER (fillable)

Paragraph 30 Notice and Response Form 7.0 MASTER (fillable)

Short Sale Addendum 7.0 MASTER (fillable)

FHA / VA Loan Addendum

Multi-Unit Addendum 7.0 MASTER (fillable)

Mutual Cancellation Agreement 7.0 MASTER (fillable)

Agreement For Release of Earnest Money Deposit

Cooperative Compensation Agreement Between Brokerages


Listing Agreements

Exclusive Listing Agreement

MLS Listing Exemption Policy

MLS Listing Exemption Authorization

OPAAR Private Listing Addendum 2022 (fillable)

Oak Park Model Lease Addendum

Oak Park Rental Application

Lockbox Authorization Addendum



Exclusive Listing Agreement – Rental

OPAAR Cook County Lease final_fillable 2022

Residential Lease Agreement

Cook County Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (IR Member Resource Guide)

Cook County Renter’s Rights and Landlord Protections

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Rentals

Disclosure of Radon Hazards (Leases.Rentals of a Dwelling Unit)

Lockbox Authorization Addendum


Property Disclosure Forms

Illinois Seller Disclosure Law Guide

Residential Real Property Disclosure 8-2023

Flood Insurance Disclosure to Buyer Clients

Disclosure of Information and Acknowledgement Lead-Based Paint

Pre-1978 Rental and Leases Disclosure of Information Lead-Based Paint

The Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Manual

Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home

Disclosure of Information on Radon Hazards (Residential Real Property Sales or Purchases)

Disclosure of Radon Hazards (Leases. Rentals of a Dwelling Unit)

Radon Testing Guidelines for RE Transactions

Radon Testing Guidelines Fact Sheet

Mine Subsidence Disclosure


Sustainable Real Estate Alliance (SREA) Disclosure

Sustainable Real Estate Alliance (SREA) Glossary


Agency, Dual-Agency and Non-Agency Disclosure Forms

Disclosure and Consent to Dual Agency

Confirmation of Consent to Dual Agency

Additional Agent Designation

Disclosure of Buyer’s Designated Agent

Disclosure of Seller’s Designated Agent

Disclosure of Tenant’s-Lessee’s Designated Agent

Notice of No Agency Relationship

Notice oF No Agency Relationship (For Prospective Tenants)

Consumers Guide to Real Estate Agency in Illinois

Agency Compliance Manual



IR Buyer Agency Checklist

Buyers Information Checklist

Seller Agency Checklist

Seller Short Sale Checklist

Buyer Short Sale Checklist


Buyer and Seller Brokerage Agreement Forms

Exclusive Buyer Representation Exclusive Right to Purchase Contract [with Dual Agency]

Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Contract Without Dual Agency

Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Contract

Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Contract Without Dual Agency

Terms of Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation

Exclusive Right To Sell Contact Dual Agency

Exclusive Right To Sell Contact Without Dual Agency

Rider to Brokerage Agreements

Exclusive Seller Representation Contract (Dual Agency Disclosure and Consent Included)

Exclusive Seller Representation Contract (Without Dual Agency Disclosure and Consent Included)


Additional Resources

Broker Opinion-Comparative Market Analysis

Disclosure of Contemporaneous Offers

Disclosure and Consent for Compensation by Multiple Parties

Affirmation to Cooperating or Buyer’s Broker

Affirmation to Seller’s Broker

Antitrust Avoidance Flyer

Office / Company Start-up Checklist

Model Office Policy

Sponsoring Broker-Sponsored Licensee Contract

Fair Housing REALTOR® Guide

Fair Housing Seller Guide

Teams and the Illinois Real Estate Brokerage Firm

The P.A. (Personal Assistant) Manual


Concealed Carry

Model Office Policy – Concealed Firearms

Conceal Carry Language

Residential Property Owner Release Form


Association Resources

OPAAR 2022 Constitution & Bylaws

OPAAR Local Area Map

Membership Transfer Form